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"In Praise of Shadows" presents Karagöz play
Hurriyet, 19.09.2008
A collection of plays, "Traditional Turkish Shadow Theater: Karagöz," will be screened until May 6 as part of the international exhibition "In Praise of Shadows" currently on display at the Istanbul Modern Museum. Released by the U.S.-based Turkish Cultural Foundation as part of the Turkish Cultural Heritages Project, the five-DVD play collection features plays "Kanlı Nigar" (Bloody Nigar), "Tımarhane" (The Madhouse) and "Karagöz'ün Aşıklığı" (Karagöz and the Poetry Contest) and backstage scenes from the performances. The collection can be purchased at the Istanbul Modern Museum during the exhibition. "Traditional Turkish Theater: Karagöz" received significant attention at the Dublin Modern Arts Museum where the "In Praise of Shadows" exhibition was first shown from November 2008 to January 2009. After Istanbul, the exhibition will travel in May to the Benaki Museum in Athens. "In Praise of Shadows," curated by Paolo Colombo, is an exhibition in which viewers can see the affects on modern art of traditional shadow theater and Turkish Karagöz.
Source : Hurriyet
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