Newsletter December 2017

TCF Awards Grant for Restoration of Turkish “Book of the World”

TCF awarded a major grant to American Friends of the Arts in Ireland to support the restoration and preservation of the 18th century Turkish Book of the World. The book is held in the collection of the Chester Beatty Library in Dublin, Ireland and is a rare complete copy of the book by renowned Ottoman scholar Katip Çelebi (also known as Hacı Halife), published in Istanbul by İbrahim Müteferrika in 1732. The book summarized Ottoman geographical knowledge of the time and has survived with all of its original 13 astronomical maps and 26 geographical maps intact.

TCF Fellows Update

Ilgim Veryeri Alaca (TCF Academic Fellow-2012-2013) co-published an article with Bilge Merve Aktaş in the Journal of Modern Craft. Titled "The Co-Knitting Project: A Proposal to Revive Traditional Handmade Socks in Turkey," the article can be accessed here.

Poet and writer Nurduran Duman (TCF Cultural Exchange Fellow – 2016) spoke on December 4 at an international discussion organized by the Shanghai Writers' Association and China Writers' Association. The theme of the discussion was "Travel of Literature: City and Memory." She also participated in the "2017 International Writing Program" organized by China Writers' Association and Lu Xun Academy of Literature in Beijing, China on November 9 - December 8.

Glass artist Gülfidan Özmen, (TCF Cultural Exchange Fellow-2013) participated in an exhibition organized by Squidsoup, Quays Culture, British Council and Digi.logue at Zorlu PSM Digi.logue Exhibition Space in İstanbul, Turkey on November 14 - December 25.

Roberley Bell (TCF Cultural Exchange Fellow - 2015) Roberley Bell read from her new book “Do You Know This Tree?” at the Visual Studies Workshop in Rochester, NY on December 9.

Cellist, composer, improviser, and photographer Anıl Eraslan (TCF Cultural Exchange Fellow-2014) held a solo concert and performed at the No Border Festival/PennArJazz at TBA and Vauban in Brest, France on December 8-10. He also performed a concert with Borghini, Fischerlehner, and Simon at Sowieso in Berlin, Germany on December 13 and at Polnischen Versager in Berlin, Germany on December 17 with Lena Czerniawska. On December 20, Anıl Eraslan performed a concert with Lsaader Türköz at Bantmag in Istanbul, Turkey.