Newsletter - May 2015

TCF-YESAM Culinary Tour

On May 29-31, the TCF Culinary Arts Center-YESAM will take a group of food enthusiasts and journalists to Isparta and Burdur, Turkey for a tour coinciding with the rose harvest in the region. The tour was led by food culture researcher Aylin Öney Tan, who has extensively studied the history and uses of rose within Ottoman and Turkish culinary culture. Tour participants learned how to make rose jam and had the chance to visit the antique city of Sagalassos, rose fields, and rose oil distillation facilities.


Emine Torgan of the TCF Cultural Preservation and Natural Dyes Laboratory-DATU participated in the 37th International Symposium of Excavations, Surveys and Archaeometry at Atatürk University ib Erzurum, Turkey on May 11-15. She gave a presentation entitled “Characterization of Archaeological Objects with Non-Destructive and Micro Analysis Methods.”

TCF-YESAM Lectures

On May 27, YESAM hosted Dr. Nihal Bursa, Turkish coffee and food culture researcher, who presented a seminar entitled "Powerful Scents: The Egyptian Bazaar." The seminar discussed the different types of spices used used in Turkish cuisine and in making home remedies.  YESAM also collaborated with NAR Restaurant for a seminar and dinner event on Assyrian Cuisine on May 23. The seminar, presented by journalist and food culture researcher Nedim Atilla, highlighted the historical aspects and characteristics of Assyrian culinary culture.  Past YESAM lectures are periodically uploaded for online viewing on the TCF Video Gallery.

Meanwhile, Turkish cooking traditions are highlighted every month with the YESAM Recipe of the Month, which currently features “Knotweed with Pastırma.” This is a springtime dish made with knotweed, an herb that is high in antioxidants and is cooked with traditional salt-cured beef, pastırma.

TCF Istanbul Lectures

Halil Demirdelen, archaeologist and Deputy General Director of the Museum of Anatolian Civilizations in Ankara, gave a lecture entitled "Başlangıçdan Günümüze Anadolu Uygarlıkları / Anatolian Civilizations from the Beginning to Today” at the TCF Istanbul Office on May 21.

The 2015 TCF Lecture Series’ last lecture was presented by Ali Rıza Tuna, independent researcher, who presented a talk entitled “Back to the Future: Reconstruction of Anatolian Carpets from Renaissance Paintings” at the TCF Istanbul Office on May 26.

All TCF Istanbul lectures are recorded and may be watched online at on the TCF Video Gallery. The latest video addition is “Prospect on the future of Istanbul” by Prof. Dr. Doğan Kuban.

TCF Fellows Update

Cemil Batur Gökçeer (TCF Cultural Exchange Fellow-2014), an independent photographer, held a solo exhibition "Parazit / Parasite" at Torun on May 16-22.

James Thurman (TCF Cultural Exchange Fellow-2014), Associate Professor at the University of North Texas, is holding an exhibition entitled “Glass and Metal Workshop: ‘Hit and Blow’” with Gamze Eskinazi at the Glass Furnace between May 26 and June 4.

Esra Sağlık (TCF Cultural Exchange Fellow-2015), a multimedia artist and an Assistant Professor at Muğla Sıtkı Kocman University, gave a presentation entitled “Contemporary Turkish Art” at the Foundation Plaatsmaken in the Netherlands on May 27.

Meichen Waxer (TCF Cultural Exchange Fellow-2015), an interdisciplinary artist and an MAA student at Emily Carr University of Art and Design, is attending the Residency Program at Halka Art Project from May 5-June 7 to participate in the realization of a collaborative art project.

Kate Clow (TCF Cultural Exchange Fellow-2014), Chairman of the Culture Routes in Turkey, presented her paper "New Trails from Ancient Roads: How to Breathe Life into Turkish Mountain Villages" in the 22nd American Trails International Trails Symposium, which was held at the Oregon Convention Center on May 17-20.

TCF Istanbul Office Visitors

In May, the TCF Istanbul office hosted briefings for students and faculty from several American universities, who were visiting Turkey with support from the Turkish Coalition of America-TCA Study Tour Grant Program. The visiting groups came from the University of Arkansas, Evergreen State College, and University of Nevada-Reno.


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