Spotlight on Turkey Educational Program WACA

2015 Teacher Tours Comments

Anita Tucker

Turkey is more than a crossroads, it is a blending of ancient and modern, East and West, and culture, warmth, and friendliness. Turkey is place that feels both exotic and at home in the same breath. Through this experience, I am not only a better teacher, but a better person.
Anita Tucker, Cobalt Institute of Math & Science, California, TCF Study Tour 2015, Group 2

Dana Radcliffe

Unforgettable experience. From the crowded cobblestone streets of Istanbul to the chiseled homes within the stone pillars of Cappadocia, I have been enriched by the history, culture, and geography of this prized country. I am forever changed by the friendships I have made and the sites I have seen. I am excited and inspired to share my new found knowledge with my students back in Seattle. Thank you TCF.
Dana Radcliffe, Hamilton International Middle School, Washington, TCF Study Tour 2015, Group 2

Leslie Rogers

Before this trip, I knew close to nothing about Turkey. My curiousity has not been satisfied, but rather piqued. Now I have countless starting points for future research. I have more space in my heart for a new culture and can share that lore with my students.
Leslie Rogers, Stivers School for the Arts, Ohio, TCF Study Tour 2015, Group 2

Eric Ayrault

This trip opened my eyes and senses to 10.000 years of history. I’d read it in books, but now I feel I have swum in it, immersed with Orhan’s guidance and good humor. My understanding of history, and of current world issues, has been immensely increased and enlivened. This will help my students immensely.
Eric Ayrault, Mercer Island High School, Washington, TCF Study Tour 2015, Group 2

Michael John Madruga

Spotlight on Turkey is essential for any teacher at any level. The tour is five star, and exceeded any greatest expectations. Anatolia is the worlds largest museum, and Istanbul is the most significant city in world history. The Turks are friendly, and the cuisine is exceptional.
Michael John Madruga, La Familia High School, California, TCF Study Tour 2015, Group 2

Chantay Jensen

I have probably enjoyed nearly every moment of nearly every day of this trip for too much. Travelling to these rich historical is just about as close as I can get to travelling through time. Thank you for making history come alive for me and my future students.
Chantay Jensen, Las Vegas Academy, Nevada, TCF Study Tour 2015, Group 2

Julie Wakefield

My appreciation and understanding of Turkey as a country, as a crossroads, and as a vital historic cornerstone has increased dramatically which means so will my students.
Julie Wakefield, Robert McQueen High School, Nevada, TCF Study Tour 2015, Group 2

Josh Parker

Before this tour, my understanding of Turkey was centered around dry facts and I has no true sense of the place or the people. These two weeks have brought color, sounds, smells, and sights to a dynamic part of the world that now feels essential in understanding the current state of this part of the world. I am leaving this tour with so much more than knowledge; I now feel a deep human connection and appreciation for Turkey and it’s people and will certainly be back.
Josh Parker, Billings Middle School, Washington, TCF Study Tour 2015, Group 2

Cheryl Healy

I have waited to travel to Turkey for a long time. I am so grateful that I was able to do so as a part of TFC rather than as a tourist. I learned so much about Turkey’s history and culture and gained access to sites and experiences I never could have accessed as a tourist.
Cheryl Healy, Seattle Preparatory School, Washington, TCF Study Tour 2015, Group 2

Pamela Miller

The hospitality of the Turkish people has been overwhelming. I danced at a Turkish wedding reception. I have fallen in love with this country and it’s people.
Pamela Miller, Incline High School, Nevada, TCF Study Tour 2015, Group 2

Stacy Maxir

The TCF has created an outstanding program to educate educators about Turkey. Their efforts have remarkable ramifications promoting knowledge, understanding and appreciation of a beautiful, historical, significant and changing country. Teşekkür ederim =)
Stacy Maxir, Lakeside High School, California, TCF Study Tour 2015, Group 2

David Blacketer

The TCF has given me the confidence and tools needed to introduce and explore Turkish culture, history to my students.
David Blacketer, Delta High School, Washington, TCF Study Tour 2015, Group 2

Jeanie Palmer

This study tour has exceeded my very high hopes. Turkey is a fascinating and complex nation tjat I now understand so much better. The people are warm and welcoming, the architecture and cultural artifacts are mind boggling in their quantity and quality. I have enjoyed minute, and I will miss this amazing land and people. When I am gone, I look forward to introducing Turkey to my students.
Jeanie Palmer, Troy Jr/Sr High School, Montana, TCF Study Tour 2015, Group 2

John Davis

I was amazed at how different Turkey is from the stereotypes that are attached to it. Turkey is a dynamic and fascinating country and it’s people are some of the most genuıine and hospitable individuals I have had the pleasure of meeting.
John Davis, Seringboro High School, Ohio, TCF Study Tour 2015, Group 2

Carol McGrew

I was blown away by this trip. I saw sites firsthand that I’d only read about and tought from textbooks. I had experiences and mer people I never would have at home. Most importantly, my eyes were opened to a culture that is generous, kind and hospitable. Everyday was more amazing than the next.
Carol McGrew, Escobedo Middle School, Nevada, TCF Study Tour 2015, Group 2

Christopher Cox

I love all that Turkey is and has to offer. It is the mosta amazing place I’ve ever been. The people of Turkey make it remarkable.
Christopher Cox, Belmart High School, Ohio, TCF Study Tour 2015, Group 2

Tracy Green

There is not a better way to understand a culture than to immerse yourself in it’s food, culture, art, sites and people. This experience will not only have in my classroom but my personal life. Travel changes us in so many ways; this opportunity will stay with me for a lifetime.
Tracy Green, Newport High School, Washington, TCF Study Tour 2015, Group 2

Tara Graves

The world is such a beautiful place, each place with it’s own culture and customs, yet all with humans of value. It is through visiting other places we recognize the humanity of others, and I am thankful for TCF and this experience for helping me pass this knowledge to other generations.
Tara Graves, Franklin Pierce High School, Washington, TCF Study Tour 2015, Group 2

Sherri Saucedo

Coming to Turkey was an experience of a lifetime. I have never met a more unique and hospitable people who truly love their country, their fellow countrymen, and those that come to visit them.
Sherri Saucedo, Frank Augustut Miller Middle School, California, TCF Study Tour 2015, Group 2

Caprice Leidig

Turkey is the most diverse and incredible country that I have ever travelled to. From Istanbul to Ankara , the sites and experiences were amazing. The time spent in this country will not be forgotten. Thank you TCF.
Caprice Leidig, Silvestri JHS, Nevada, TCF Study Tour 2015, Group 2

Lyn Marie Thomas

As soon as you get off the plane Turkey overwhelms with it’s sights, sounds and smells. You are on a non-stop journey to embrace Turkey and in time Turkey will embrace back and treat youas family. The modern will modern you of home, the ancient reminds you all of our history intersects as layers built upon each other. Be prepared for it’s food, beauty and dichotomy, it’s patience and impatience. “... if I could begin this journey all over again, I would.” –Nazım Hikmet.
Lyn Marie Thomas, Gibson MS/Basic MS, Nevada, TCF Study Tour 2015, Group 2

Cameron Sanchez

I have experienced, learned, and absorbed more from this trip than any other I’ve ever been on. The enormity of Turkey’s historical significance in both secular and non secular terms will only increase my study of this part of the world. As one of my peer’s t-shirts states, “ Turkey is the largest museum ın the world.” I expect Turkey will remain crossroads from East to West for centruies to come and I look forward to sharing my experience with my students, colleagues, friends, and family.
Cameron Sanchez, City of Angels, California, TCF Study Tour 2015, Group 2

Kelly W. Elder

Any tour that promotes cultural understanding and builds bridges between cultures is a positive endeavor. TCF has provided teachers from around the country a knowledge base and access to resurces what will parlay into better knowledge of and teaching about Turkey.
Kelly W. Elder, C.R. Anderson Middle School, Montana, TCF Study Tour 2015, Group 2

Edward Lawrence Bischopink

A truly enlightening experience through exposure to the history and culture of a country that I had limited knowledge of.
Edward Lawrence Bischopink, Galena High School, Reno, Nevada, TCF Study Tour 2015, Group 2

Rachel Elizabeth Walz Reilly

This trip broadened my horizons in ways I never imagined. Not only did I experience the many wonders Turkey has to offer, but I developed lasting and true relationships with TCF staff and fellow teachers. Not one moment of this trip was unorganized or unplanned. Every detail was thought out and I always felt as though we were in good hands. TCF has given us a once-in-a lifetime experience.
Rachel Elizabeth Walz Reilly, Chesterbrook Academy, Virginia, TCF Study Tour 2015, Group 1

Frank Ross Flood

Turkey has remained a secret for too many for too long. Anyone who has ever visited this amazing country knows the history and art are spectacular. The real beauty, however, is in the warmth and sincerity of its people.
Frank Ross Flood, Aragon Middle School, Texas, TCF Study Tour 2015, Group 1

Amy LeClair Malin

This TCF Study Tour was an amazing experience! Each city introduced us to new food, interesting architecture, distinct cultural traditions, outstanding views, and welcoming people. Our fearless driver and our witty and wise tour guide made this an unforgettable adventure.
Amy LeClair Malin, St. John’s School, Texas, TCF Study Tour 2015, Group 1

Joseph Benedict Lander

Even though I have had limited travel experience, I always thought that I would like to get back to Germany, Austria, or Belgium. My mind has been changed. If the opportunity arises, I would like to come back with my family and allow them to see and experience what I have been given the ability to see and experience through TCF—Thank you.
Joseph Benedict Lander, Oil City Senior High School, Pennsylvania, TCF Study Tour 2015, Group 1

Whitney Marie Humphrey

This experience in Turkey is not to be missed! More than the friends that you make, the stories you gather and the history you learn visiting Turkey is an enlightening experience. Come enjoy the experience of Turkey so you can be the storyteller that helps shape Turkey’s future. Ours is the job to change perceptions.
Whitney Marie Humphrey, Rio Grande School, New Mexico, TCF Study Tour 2015, Group 1

Kyle Travis Schuler

This trip was truly eye-opening, and I am so grateful for the gratitude of everyone I encountered in Turkey. From the ruins of ancient civilizations to the modern city skylines, there was never a moment where Turkey did not captivate and amaze me.
Kyle Travis Schuler, Frederick Law Olmsted Academy South, Kentucky, TCF Study Tour 2015, Group 1

Rita Helga Christensen

Our wonderful trip to Turkey provided us an immensely rich experience! Historically, culturally, this tour gave us. It also helped us to better understand the current political situation and the importance Turkey is already playing politically and economically in the world. This importance will only increase, so it is vital not just for American but the entire world to appreciate and understand this great country. I am very thankful I had this great opportunity!
Rita Helga Christensen, The Woodlands High School, Texas, TCF Study Tour 2015, Group 1

Shannon Michelle Kederis

I have traveled to over 20 countries and this study tour ranks at the top! The variety of activities and the expertise of our guide made this an unforgettable experience. Thank you TCF for allowing me to participate!
Shannon Michelle Kederis, DuPont Manual High School, Kentucky, TCF Study Tour 2015, Group 1

Alice Louise Davidson

This trip was more educational and covered more history, culture, politics, religion, and archaeology than any other trip I’ve ever taken.
Alice Louise Davidson, Episcopal High School, Texas, TCF Study Tour 2015, Group 1

Chuck Nathan Charleston

The 2015 teacher study tour was an amazing opportunity in experiencing Turkey. TCF provided a culturally rich itinerary that I otherwise would not have been able to manage. Orhan, our tour guide, is an awesome individual, and I am indebted to him for providing us with his insight.
Chuck Nathan Charleston, Native American Community Academy, New Mexico, TCF Study Tour 2015, Group 1

Carl Frederick Kim

“In Hawaii, we greet friends, loved ones, or strangers with ‘Aloha’ which means love. Aloha is the key word to the universal spirit of real hospitality, which makes Hawaii renowned as the world’s center of understanding and fellowship. Try meeting or leaving people with Aloha. You’ll be surprised by their reaction. I believe it and it is my creed. Aloha to you.”- Duke Kahanamoku, Hawaii’s greatest ambassador and world famous athlete
Carl Frederick Kim, Kaimuki High School, Hawaii, TCF Study Tour 2015, Group 1

Kathryn Glenn Fisher

Turkey is the cradle of civilization, the beginning of humankind. Its rich history and culture is enhanced by Orhan’s knowledge and love for his country. This was an experience of a lifetime. I can’t wait to share it with my students.
Kathryn Glenn Fisher, Nanakuli High School, Hawaii, TCF Study Tour 2015, Group 1

Matthew Sudnik

TCF has provided a richness of experiences that will allow us to bring both historical and contemporary Turkey into our classrooms.
Matthew Sudnik, Central Catholic High School, Pennsylvania, TCF Study Tour 2015, Group 1

Sheila Marie Applegate

The stunning topography, numerous and generous nature of the people and vast richness of history surpassed my expectations Not only did the TCF opportunity challenge my preconceived notions but it showed me the beautiful heat of a beautiful country.
Sheila Marie Applegate, Avonworth Middle School, Pennsylvania, TCF Study Tour 2015, Group 1

Samantha Josephine Phelps-Herrera

This tour has drastically changed my opinions and conceptions of Turkey for the better. It has enriched me personally and professionally and I am eternally grateful for the opportunity.
Samantha Josephine Phelps-Herrera, Cypruss Falls High School, Texas, TCF Study Tour 2015, Group 1

Debra Ann Cave

Well-run, enlightening, fun, awesome.
Debra Ann Cave, Yorktown High School, Virginia, TCF Study Tour 2015, Group 1

John Joseph Allen

Encountering the vast cultural diversity of Turkey through TCF has transformed my perspective, broadened my worldview, and enhanced my teaching repertoire for my students.
John Joseph Allen, Academy of the Holy Cross, Virginia, TCF Study Tour 2015, Group 1

Julie Lynn Rukavina

This trip broadened my horizons on Turkey so very much. The opportunity to visit the places we’ve seen, interact with our very gracious and numerous Turkish hosts is one that any of us will likely never be given again. Turkey has a rich history and culture and I am honored to have learned about through this TCF trip. Thank you!
Julie Lynn Rukavina, Coolidge Senior High School, Washington DC, TCF Study Tour 2015, Group 1

Amy Lynn Jaskolski

This partnership between the World Affairs Council of America and the Turkish Cultural Foundation has afforded me the opportunity to expand my horizons. The breadth of knowledge and variety of topics covered, from history to current events, art to culture, will shape the way my colleagues and I approach the topic of Turkey. I am incredibly grateful for this amazing life experience.
Amy Lynn Jaskolski, Cornell High School, Pennsylvania, TCF Study Tour 2015, Group 1

Dennis Michael Tynan

What an amazing introduction I got to an amazing country. Thank you so much, Turkish Cultural Foundation, for making this possible. As a lover of history from an early age, I kept thinking how blessed I was to be able to visit eight different UNESCO World Heritage Sites and learn so much from our incredibly knowledgeable tour guide. It has heightened my awareness of the integral role Turkey plays in the modern world as evidenced by the multiple times since my return I have already seen articles and news stories of this incredibly significant country. Mahalo again for giving me the opportunity to deepen my professional interest with such powerful personal connections.
Dennis Michael Tynan, Nanakuli High School, Hawaii, TCF Study Tour 2015, Group 1

Caitlin Elizabeth Kimak

Traveling with TCF was a breeze as it was well-organized, fun, and informative. I could not have planned a better trip myself! The trip had a good balance of historic sites, cultural traditions, food, and time for shopping. I feel as if I got to not only see Turkey's history but meet Turks and start to understand their heritage and culture.
Caitlin Elizabeth Kimak, Hayfield Secondary School, Virginia, TCF Study Tour 2015, Group 1

Joan Stango

Attending the Teacher Study Tour to Turkey was a most profound experience. It was a rare and authentic journey that will positively impact my professional and personal life for years to come.
Joan Stango, Francis X. Nava Elementary School, New Mexico, TCF Study Tour 2015, Group 1

Lauren Nicole Vorisek

The Turkish Cultural Foundation's Educator Study Tour was a true cultural immersion. This invaluable tour not visited the mainstream highlights of Turkey's immense and important history, but allowed us to see lesser-known sights, create art, meet with experts, and interact with locals to get an insider's perspective of Turkish life and politics. My knowledge and love of Turkey has grown tremendously, and I am so grateful to TCF for sponsoring this once in a lifetime trip!
Lauren Nicole Vorisek, Wheaton High School, Maryland, TCF Study Tour 2015, Group 1