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Turkish artists take part in New York sculpture fair
Hurriyet, 17.04.2009

Three Turkish sculptors have joined the 2009 International Exposition of Sculpture Objects & Functional Art, which opened yesterday in New York. Works by Turkish artists Meriç Hızal, Seçkin Pirim and Esma Paçal Turam are being showcased in the Turkish Culture Foundation stand.

Contemporary and modern decorative arts, design and jewelry by internationally recognized artists are being showcased by 55 dealers from 12 countries at the exposition, which will continue through Sunday at the Park Avenue Armory.

The Washington-based Turkish Cultural Foundation supports Turkish artists to promote Turkish art to the world and establish a bridge between Turkey and the United States. At the opening ceremony of the exposition, foundation Chairman Güler Köknar said the foundation had supported SOFA since 2007.

"Actually, only art galleries organize exhibits in this exposition, but our foundation succeeded in opening a stand in the exposition after long-term efforts," Köknar said, adding that the next exposition would be held in Chicago in November.

One of the artists joining the exposition, Professor Hızal, who worked for the Marmara University Faculty of Fine Arts for many years, said she was joining SOFA for the first time. Hızal, who uses the sun as a theme in her works, said the sun was the symbol of the universe that brings together different civilizations, different understandings and different religions. "I see the sun as a symbol that proposes human beings to be a whole," she added.

Sculptor Turam said she mostly created sculptures using paper and added silicone to her works in recent years. "I use crowds of people, domes, human figures and architecture in my sculptures."

Young sculptor Pirim, a graduate of Mimar Sinan University, said her works were based on abstract art and that she joined the exposition with three works.

Source : Hurriyet